John R. Martin

Commercial Litigation, Labor and Employment Law

John R. Martin

John Martin is a happy litigator. Given the contentious nature surrounding litigation, that might sound like an oxymoron… but he assures you it’s not. John fully understands that no one’s first choice is to file (or be served with) a lawsuit. For that reason, he works closely with his clients to address issues or challenges without the need “to get the lawyers involved.”

For more than fifteen years, John’s practice has focused primarily on employment law. He counsels and trains businesses and supervisors on best HR practices when addressing an array of workplace challenges. He writes and lectures frequently on a wide variety of employment law hot (and not-so-hot) topics including social media, non-competes, wage and hour issues, medical marijuana, and workplace harassment. And, yes, when filing a lawsuit simply cannot be avoided, John is no stranger to the courtroom. He brings years of experience and specialized knowledge to each case, and he helps his clients navigate the unique challenges that come with litigation and develop a strategy to ensure the best possible result every time. John enjoys the fight; he has successfully (and happily!) litigated cases in both state and federal court on behalf of companies, government agencies, and individuals located here in Pennsylvania and across the United States.

However, as is common with all Pillar+Aught attorneys, John’s practice is not just limited to his main area of expertise. He is an accomplished business litigator and can assist clients in enforcing their rights whenever contract disputes or similar issues arise. He has also successfully defended against claims asserting constitutional and civil rights violations on behalf of county governments, municipalities, and other public entities.

In 2017, John was recognized by the Central Penn Business Journal as a “Forty Under 40” award recipient. That same year, John and several other attorneys left their firm to create Pillar+Aught, a modern, full-service civil law firm offering both commercial and personal legal counsel with an emphasis on providing clients a high level of expertise and responsiveness. [FUN FACT: John was the one who came up with the firm’s name – ask him about it sometime!]

Outside the office, John is active with several non-profit organizations in his community, including serving on the board of the Hershey History Center and being the former board chair of Leadership Cumberland. John lives in Hershey with his wife, their two kids, and their dog, Pete.