Four Pillar+Aught attorneys to present at the PA Bankers Association Human Resources Conference

On September 20, 2018, Todd Shill, Steve Moniak, John Martin, and Kevin Gold will be afternoon presenters at the PA Bankers Association Human Resources Conference to be held at the PA Bankers Association Training Room.  The topics are:  

REG Z & OTHER WAGE & HOUR ISSUES Among other things, the Dodd-Frank Act gave us Reg Z and its restrictions concerning mortgage originator compensation. This session will explore those compensation rules, as well as address additional wage and hour issues, including the current status of the FLSA’s financial industry exemptions and new regulations.

Presenter: Todd Shill, Esquire, Pillar+Aught

From the eyes of a litigator who represents banks, learn the ins and outs of non-competes and non-solicitation agreements, what is and is not enforceable, and steps you can take in order to strengthen your bank’s non-competes and restrictive covenants.

Presenter: Stephen Moniak, Esquire, Pillar+Aught


Topics will include the NLRB’s handbook policies reversal, the enforceability of arbitration agreements, proposed overtime rules in Pennsylvania, wage history and ban the box legislation, and more.

Presenters: Todd Shill, John Martin and Kevin Gold, Pillar+Aught

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