Commercial Legal Services

Expert counsel for all business needs

Pillar+Aught attorneys hold numerous professional distinctions and honors and a combined 134 years of experience. It is the combination of expertise, experience and superior communication that leads to your company’s legal success.

Inner Circle

Highly regarded experts in their respective fields, our attorneys have counseled clients in dozens of transactions representing hundreds of millions of dollars, successfully litigated sophisticated commercial and employment matters before federal and state courts, and negotiated complex collective bargaining agreements on behalf of counties, townships and boroughs.

Legal Revolution

The legal profession hasn’t evolved in generations, until now. Pillar+Aught leads the way. Traditional firms use antiquated lawyer compensation systems, which typically incentivize hoarding, gatekeeping and the politicizing of relationships, often to the detriment of the client.  Pillar+Aught clients know they can contact any of our attorneys, any time, and that attorney will serve that client with the highest priority. We offer a true team approach with highly skilled, battle-tested attorneys.

Better Pricing

The most common barrier to forming the best client/counsel relationship is excessive billing. Pillar+Aught’s modern approach removes that barrier. Clients of other firms are often intimidated to pick up the phone because they know “the meter will start running.” Pillar+Aught’s focus is on learning your business and providing the best guidance. We engage with you from the beginning, long before crisis or litigation arises, at a fair price that saves you money in the long run. We offer transparent, flexible pricing and unparalleled responsiveness. Our proactive approach and industry experience will pave the way for a well-considered strategy that reduces risk — saving you time and money.

By integrating cutting-edge technology and committing to the development of long term client relationships, Pillar+Aught is able to offer more favorable, flexible pricing arrangements and value propositions, such as fixed price billing, project billing, retainers, modestly priced in-house training seminars, flat fee Securities and Exchange Commission work and no-cost attendance at client board meetings.