Personal Legal Services

Expert counsel for all personal needs

Good counsel saves you in an emergency. Great counsel also saves you time and money. Whether it be for your small business, personal employment contract or the multitude of legal issues that you or your family may face, Pillar+Aught’s level of expertise and experience will provide you the all encompassing legal guidance you need. Our extensive expertise with large corporations and financial institutions means we bring more insight and strategies to your small businesses and personal business legal solutions.

Experience And Expertise

Highly regarded experts in their respective fields, our attorneys have counseled clients in dozens of transactions representing hundreds of millions of dollars, successfully litigated sophisticated matters before federal and state courts, negotiated sophisticated personal contracts for executives, athletes, and entertainers. We are trusted counsel to handle matters both big and small. Pillar+Aught’s founding partners hold numerous professional distinctions and honors and a combined 134 years of experience.


Better Pricing And Value

The most common barrier to forming the best client/counsel relationship is excessive billing. Pillar+Aught’s modern approach removes that barrier. Clients of other firms are often intimidated to pick up the phone because they know “the meter will start running.” We offer transparent, flexible pricing and unparalleled responsiveness. Our proactive approach and industry experience will pave the way for well considered strategy that reduces risk, saving you time and money, protecting you and your personal interests.