Financial Institutions

Our attorneys are the first choice for community and regional financial institutions across Pennsylvania and into Delaware and New York, offering complete coverage for your institution. 

We are keenly aware of the importance of maintaining a positive working relationship with your regulators, while at the same time being a strong advocate for your positions. Our deep relationships with federal and state banking regulators are built on a foundation of mutual respect, helping to ensure that your institution gets the benefit of the doubt in close calls.

Our attorneys have counseled banks in connection with dozens of transactions, including acquisitions and sales of banks and investment advisory firms and public offerings and private placements of equity and debt securities, from the initial strategic planning phase and engagement of the investment banker, through due diligence and the negotiation of definitive agreements, and, most importantly, closing.

We routinely act as lender’s counsel, having represented lenders in connection with all aspects of commercial lending, including construction loans, asset-based loans, loans to bank holding companies and credit unions and aircraft loans.

Our employment attorneys are renowned for their thorough understanding of the nuances of representing financial institutions in employment matters. We have handled every type of employment case, including harassment and discrimination claims, FLSA issues and the enforcement of non-compete agreements.

We also have particular expertise advising public bank and financial holding companies with respect to their SEC reporting obligations, and are often asked to advise in the areas of investor relations and communications with the investing public.

At Pillar+Aught, we work directly with c-suite executives, lenders and workout officers to offer the best, most effective counsel to you and your organization. And we offer incomparable value, willing to participate in board meetings gratis because we value your relationship, and understand that board education is more important than ever in this constantly evolving regulatory climate.

Below is our attorney contact information, by specific expertise, should your financial institution wish to consult Pillar+Aught:

Regulatory and Governance Ken Rollins (717) 308-9633
Angela McGowan (717) 308-9900
Kate Deringer Sallie (717) 308-9627
Securities Ken Rollins (717) 308-9633
Angela McGowan (717) 308-9900
Jeff Kaylor (717) 308-9632
Employment &  Human Resources Lindsey Snavely (717) 308-9629
John Martin (717) 308-9630
Todd Shill (717) 308-9623
Kevin Gold (717) 308-9626
Consumer Compliance Angela McGowan (717) 308-9900
Kate Deringer Sallie (717) 308-9627
Lending Angela McGowan (717) 308-9900
Kate Deringer Sallie (717) 308-9627
Ken Rollins (717) 308-9633
Workout &    Creditor’s Rights Kate Deringer Sallie (717) 308-9627
Lindsey Snavely (717) 308-9629
Real Estate Angela McGowan (717) 308-9900
Mergers & Acquisitions Ken Rollins (717) 308-9633
Angela McGowan (717) 308-9900
Jeff Kaylor (717) 308-9632
Litigation & Garnishment Lindsey Snavely (717) 308-9629
John Martin (717) 308-9630
Intellectual Property Kevin Gold (717) 308-9626


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