Labor and Employment

Representing a primary strength of our firm, Pillar+Aught attorneys have had decades of experience representing large corporations, municipalities, and financial institutions with regard to labor and employment matters. We also represent employees and executives in negotiating their personal employment agreements with their employers.

Our role is to help you identify and mitigate risk. We want to explore options other than litigation, but if that becomes the only remaining option, know we are well-prepared to handle your case. From discrimination to noncompetes, from wage and hour issues to harassment, workers compensation to collective bargaining, labor law is a vast terrain that we can and have skillfully navigated. Each and every day, employers deal with a multitude of employer/employee issues that can be diffused or incensed. Our job is to protect the long term viability of your organization. Allow us to act as a partner in that process to educate and guide smaller decisions before they grow in size and scope.

In addition to non-union employers, we have substantial expertise in labor law, regularly advising counties and municipalities in the collective bargaining and dispute resolution process, as well as advising commissioners and managers on every day labor issues. We do our due diligence before the negotiating process begins to ensure that our client is in the most knowledgeable position possible, and we know how to navigate the murky waters of interest arbitration.

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