Todd Shill, John Martin, and Lindsey Snavely to Present at PACB’s 2020 HR Conference

Todd Shill, John Martin, and Lindsey Snavely will present at the PA Association of Community Bankers’ 2020 Human Resources Conference.  This year’s event will be held virtually

Day 1  Thursday  October 1, 2020

2:00 pm: Workplace Sexual Harassment in a Post-Weinstein, Cosby, Lauer, Keep Going…World
Presented by: Todd Shill, Pillar+Aught
Over a quarter century after the Clarence Thomas hearings, where workplace sexual harassment was first introduced into the national lexicon, not much has changed, until now. The Equal Employment Opportunity Commission has reported that claims of gender-based workplace harassment have increased by 50% since the Weinstein allegations were first made public. Perhaps more alarming, the EEOC estimates that three-fourths of employees who are sexually harassed on the job choose not to tell anyone, until now.

The never-ending wave of stories involving celebrities and politicians has sparked the #MeToo movement online. Rest assured, these problems are not confined to Hollywood or Washington D.C., and the headlines being written today have now found their way to Banks and other workplaces near you. However, banks have been slow to react or have not reacted positively at all. Statistical evidence and offensive/defensive strategies implemented by banks have increased the risk of discrimination and retaliation. Now is the time, before it is too late, for banks to scrutinize and reevaluate their approach to harassment in the workplace, their policies, and the way in which expectations are communicated to employees and investigations and outcomes are managed. This can happen, but not until we are open to having an honest dialogue concerning these issues.

Day 2  Friday  October 2, 2020

8:30am: Pay Now or Pay a LOT More For It Later…Wage and Hour Issues in the Workplace
Presented by: John R. Martin, Esquire and Lindsey Snavely, Esquire, Pillar+Aught
Wage and hour issues can cost employers millions. This is not surprising, as rules and regulations are confusing to understand and implement, and large backpay awards and attorneys’ fees make this an attractive arena for employees and their counsel to “compete” for seven-figure paydays. This presentation will provide an overview of the wage and hour laws, discuss the common pitfalls that can cause banks to suffer financial and reputational pains, and discuss strategies to best avoid those risks. How do you prevent off-the-clock claims? What policy language should you implement to address timekeeping and policies and procedures? Do you have periodic audits in place? Is your bank appropriately addressing pay equity? What happens when the DOL comes knocking at your door? This interactive discussion will include a variety of examples and provide advice so that you can appropriately pay your employees now…rather than paying a lot more later

10:45am: WEED Better Talk…An Up-to-Date Discussion On What Employers Need to Know When It Comes to PA’s Medical Marijuana Law
Presented by:  John R. Martin, Esquire, Pillar+Aught
Employers continue to struggle with issues regarding cannabis, an employee’s use of marijuana or CBD, and how such use might impact existing drug-free workplace policies. Under what circumstances is an employer permitted to terminate an employee whose use of medical marijuana is authorized by state law? What about an employee’s recreational use of marijuana in a state where such use if permitted by law? Are there limits on when and how an employer can require drug testing? Does federal illegality trump state law? This session will spark a lively discussion, hit all the high notes and smoke out the answers.

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