John Martin and Lindsey Snavely to present on social media for the Dauphin County Bar Association


The constant noise of social media, and the issues and challenges it presents for employers…

Tuesday, November 24, 2020 @ 12:00 noon – 1:00pm

Featuring: John R. Martin, Esquire & Lindsey E. Snavely, Esquire
Pillar + Aught

Course Description: In our increasingly hyperconnected world, social media is ubiquitous, and—“like” it or not—its use (or rather, misuse) by employees oftentimes has employers, both public and private, longing for the simpler days of dial-up Internet and “dumb” phones. Managing the noise created by tweets, snaps, and posts can be daunting… to say the least, particularly in our post-#metoo, cancel culture society (not to mention the increasing divisiveness of our current political climate…). So, what can employers do? More importantly, what does the law allow an employer to do when it discovers and decides to address an employee’s (mis)use of social media? And what about the variety of pre- and post-employment issues implicated by the presence of social media, none of which were on anyone’s radar just a few years ago? Landmines abound for the unwary (and unprepared) employer that wants to enforce workplace rules or policies that involve the use of social media. This presentation will provide helpful insight into a wide range of legal issues that must be considered when dealing with an employee’s social media usage, as well as practical tips when crafting or revising an effective social media policy.

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