Cory Iannacone and Lindsey Snavely Present Act 111 Webinar for PSATS

On July 19, 2017, Cory Iannacone and Lindsey Snavely Presented a Webinar for PSATS on Practical and Effective Strategies for Act 111 Police and Firemen Collective Bargaining Negotiations

Pillar+Aught Principals Cory Iannacone and Lindsey Snavely providing the PSATS audience with a “how to” presentation for implementing practical and effective strategies under Act 111.  The webinar included many exhibits from various interest arbitration hearings recently handled by Pillar+Aught.  Rather than simply telling the audience to “run numbers” or “prepare a worksheet,” Cory and Lindsey showed the audience exactly what to do by using their own worksheets from recent arbitration hearings.  One example was a police wage proposal for a 3.25% wage increase which, when cost out through an Excel spreadsheet incorporating the parties’ wage scale, actually equated to almost a 20% wage increase for certain officers in that year.  Cory and Lindsey also shared with the audience numerous maps, charts and graphs they have used in other interest arbitration hearings. The main takeaway from the webinar: know your numbers and be able to show them clearly and concisely through visual aids.