Family Law

A healthy family is a healthy system and when one part of the system is disrupted, the balance is askew. We can help you regain balance and achieve the most equitable solutions. We handle divorce, custody, and family financial matters with the utmost discretion and sensitivity. The optimal result is not always a dollar value but a solution that brings everyone to a better understanding of each other and their future.

Pillar+Aught attorneys will advocate for your rights with passion and expertise. Whether a high net-worth divorce requiring complex analysis for equitable distribution of marital assets or a more standard division of marital assets, we are prepared to lead you through it. When there are issues of child custody, we will work to obtain custody and visitation orders to ensure active and ongoing participation in your childrens lives. 

Pillar+Aught attorneys will keep you informed and updated and provide the respect you deserve throughout the process. While many times these issues are best resolved through negotiation and agreement, we will prepared to proactively and fiercely defend and advocate for your rights in Court when necessary.

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